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Disney FastPass+ Basics

photos courtesy of Walt Disney World and Disney

If you want to skip some of the lines on your Disney World vacation, you have to know how to use the FastPass+ system.

FastPass+ is a FREE system that lets everyone with a ticket to a Disney World park can choose up to three FastPass+ per day. The FastPass+ allows the guest to enter the attraction through the FastPass+ line instead of the regular ride line. The FastPass+ system is FREE with a Disney Park ticket.

What is a FastPass+ line?

There two lines at many Disney World park rides and attractions. The Regular Line is where everyone goes unless they have a FastPass+ for that ride. The regular line can have long wait times. FastPass+ Lines are only open to guests with a FastPass+ for that ride. FastPass+ are limited. There are only a set amount of FastPass+ available for a specific time. Since there are a limited number of FastPass+ available, the lines are much quicker. Most FastPass+ lines are about 15 minutes long or less. Times for both the regular line and the FastPass+ line are posted near the entrance for each ride.

How do I get a FastPass+?

First, you must have tickets to get into the Disney World park to get FastPass+. There is no other charge. While FastPass+ type programs have an upcharge at most parks, the FastPass+ program comes free with your Disney World Theme Park ticket. FastPass+ reservations open up 60 days in advance for guests staying at Disney Resort Hotels and some affiliated hotels and 30 days in advance for everyone else. The easiest way to get a FastPass+ reservation is either to have your Travel Agent make them for you, or to download the My Disney Experience App and link it to your reservations. Once you do, you can choose your FastPass+ selections on the App.

How many FastPass+ reservations can I get?

Every guest can get three initial FastPass+ reservations per day. All three reservations have to be at the same Park. Every guest must have their own FastPass+ for the date, time, and ride. (One person in the party cannot get a FastPass+ and then take others on with them. FastPass+ are linked to your Magic Band. Every member of your party has to have the FastPass+ reservation linked to their personal Magic Band.)

FastPass+ reservation times cannot overlap.

How do I make a FastPass+ Reservation?

Use the My Disney Experience app. It can be downloaded all of the major play stores. Make sure you have linked your tickets. (This is automatically done when your reservations are made with The Special Needs Travel Agency.) If your tickets are not linked to your account, just follow the directions to link them.

FastPass+ reservations open 60 days before the date you will use them if you are staying at a Disney Resort Hotel or an affiliated hotel. FastPass+ reservations open 30 days before the use date for everyone else. (Your Disney Hotel stay should also be linked into your My Disney Experience account to open up that crucial 60 day out reservation system.)

On the day the reservation window opens, go on the app and click on the FastPass+. Once inside, pick your Park, date, and time. All of the open FastPass+ options will show up. Pick a time that works for you. The screen will then link to all of the people in your party (that are linked to your ticket). Add in anyone in your party who wants this FastPass+. (Every member of your party who will be going on the ride in the FastPass+ line has to have their own reservation. You cannot “piggyback” onto someone else in your party’s FastPass+ reservation.) Click confirm and you have your first reservation. Repeat for reservations 2 and 3. Remember, all of your initial three FastPass+ reservations have to be in the same Park for that day.

(David Roark, photographer)
Can I get more than three FastPass+ reservations for the day?

Yes. After all three of your FastPass+ reservations have been used, or the time to use them has passed causing them to expire, you can make another FastPass+ reservation. Once that one has been used or expired, you can make another one. Additional FastPass+ reservations after the initial three can be made at a different park if you want. (Tip: If you know you will be Park Hopping and you only want to go on two rides in your first park, book your third FastPass+ reservation as early in the day as you can and then skip the ride. The FastPass+ will expire. Once you go on your next two rides, you are free to book another reservation at your next Park Hopper Park.)

The caveat is that many of the rides will not have any FastPass+ slots available on the day of. We have found there are usually not too many available, but we have also been surprised when sought after rides pop up.

The best advice is to keep on checking. You never know what kind of magic will happen.

Can I change my FastPass+ reservations?

Yes. You can cancel a reservation, or all of your reservations, and rebook them. Of course, once you let a reservation go, it may not be available should you change your mind.

How does FastPass+ Work in the Park?

Redeeming FastPass+ is easy. FastPass+ is connected to your Magic Band. Just show up at the ride at your designated FastPass+ time, find the FastPass+ line, scan your Magic Band, and head into the ride. It is that simple.

What should I use my FastPass+ on? What rides are the most popular? Should I use it on shows, Meet and Greets, or the nightly shows? What rides have FastPass+?

Answer to all of these questions can be found here:

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