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About Us

We founded The Special Needs Travel Agency because we are a Special Needs Family. Between us we have autism, a developmental disorder, sensory processing disorder, a serious & progressive medical condition, mobility issues, and partial blindness.

We used to hide in our house. We were beaten down by the constant criticisms from complete strangers. With all of our disabilities, just getting out of the door was a major endeavor. Then one day we decided we had a right to be in the society as much as everyone else.

We started to go anywhere we wanted. We explored near and far. We took a Make A Wish trip to Disney and discovered the World.

We have learned how to travel with our Special Needs and Disabilities. Our knowledge isn’t from a so-called “certification” program designed by people who are not disabled and taught via online videos. Our expertise comes from LIFE. We have lived it. We have traveled a lot. We know all of the small details that other agents will never know because they do not have the first-hand experience.

Friends started asking for help with their travel planning, and The Special Needs Travel Agency was born. While we are Special Needs specialists, we serve EVERYONE. We are Disney Vacation Planners. We love to create perfect trips to Disney World, Disneyland, Cruises, Theme Parks, and more!

At The Special Needs Travel Agency, we believe EVERYONE deserves their Dream Vacation.

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