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Why Choose Us?

… and the “Dirty Little Secret”.

At The Special Needs Travel Agency and Family+Fun Vacations we believe everyone deserves their Dream Vacation. We also know, for some of us, it takes a lot of planning and preparation for this to happen. As you can see from our articles, we are all about the tiniest details and first-hand knowledge and experience.

We are passionate about our responsibilities to you, our customer. We know how difficult it is to navigate the world with a disability or special needs. We experience it every day. We know the obstacles we face that most people never even consider.

The Dirty Little Secret

We also know the “Dirty Little Secret” of so-called “Certified Autism Travel” Certifications. These “Certifications” are not issued by any official organizations or government agencies. These businesses who offer certification are not actually certified in any way themselves. They are businesses who charge for their “certification”. The fees for certification are in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. What do businesses get for their fee? They get a brief video course for their employees and a lot of publicity. These companies aren’t providing certifications, they are raking in profits.

We have worked with companies who have paid for their “certification”. Here is the second part of the Dirty Little Secret, the companies received their certification without any expertise, with minimal training, and without any actual plans in place for special needs accommodations. They paid their fee and received their “certification”.

Our Experience

We may not have experienced everything, but we come close. We have dealt with wheelchair access issues, medical emergencies, autistic meltdowns, sensory processing disorder issues, navigating crowds, airports, hotels, and experiences with limited vision. We have had to leave more places than we can count. We know where the First Aid facilities are in every Disney Park and theme park we have been to (and we have had to use their services). We know where the nearest hospitals are. We know where to go for assistance. We know how to plan a day for an autistic person. We know how to work around medical limitations. We know because we live it.

A Travel Agency for Everyone

Our specialty is Special Needs and Disability Travel, but we serve everyone. Our extensive knowledge of destinations including Disney World is an asset for everyone. We have in-depth, intimate knowledge of Disney and other destinations because, as a Special Needs family, we need to know details. Everyone can benefit from our knowledge. Plus we provide the same level of concierge service to every customer. At The Special Needs Travel Agency we know Everyone Deserves their Dream Vacation, and we will work tirelessly to make sure you get yours!

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